Sunday, 9 November 2014

Plans for Next Year

We've had all the excitement of Hallowe'en's Evening this year.  Here is a photo of some of my spooky stitching on display:

L-R Carand 88 Spooky Kitties, Blackbird Designs Spell of the Moon, Acorn House Designs Drac-in-the Box, Primitive Hare Spooky Countdown, Mill Hill Hallowe'en
Plus you can just see the bottom of Just Nan Autumn Haze on the wall behind.

San Man Spooky SAL
Just Nan Frightful
Primitive Needle By The Light of the Moon

One of the parenting groups I belong to had an online pumpkin carving competition but as we don't do that I decided to submit some of my pumpkin stitching instead!  It was very well received and got plenty of "likes" but not as many as the Ninja Mutant Turtle carved out of a water melon by the woman who couldn't find a pumpkin!

It would be lovely to see your Hallowe'en decorations too, so please feel free to post some photos.

And now on to the Big Question - do you want this blog to continue next year?

It doesn't matter whether you have made a post every month or just once or twice.  The important thing is that you love seeing the spooky stitching!

And if you would like the blog to continue, what themes would you like to see next year?  What were your favourites this year you'd like included and are there any new ones you would like to see?

Please leave a comment so I can start planning for 2015!


Tiffany said...

I would love to see this blog go on and would love to take part again next year even though this year I had to stop.

Shebafudge said...

Well, I would like to join so it MUST continue now....mwahahahaw.

Love your Hallowe'en decorating Jo. There's Drac!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnaCristina said...

I love Halloween! I love Halloween decoration! Your spooky stitching on display is so beautiful! I have stitching on display too. I´ll make a post about it. I had to stop this year but I would like to continue in 2015.

Unknown said...

Love love to join!

LoriU said...

Love this idea!!

cucki said...

Love them all so much x

cheryl said...

Please continue ... I love to see the spooky stitching! (And I hope to join in.)

TheresaM said...

I would love to participate again next year! Possible topics--skeletons, tomb stones, crows, spider webs, and the usual witches, owls, ghosts, black cats and pumpkins!

Marcy said...

Definitely want to see it continue! had a great time this year. Gotta have the regs ... pumpkins, witches, black cats and ghosts. Maybe haunted houses, grave stones, scare crows, spooky words, moons, creepy trees ... for 2015

Jacqueline Morris said...

I love this group... I know I started off well and then well not sure what happened :(
It's different here in UK... Halloween is just not celebrated in the wonderful way it is further a field. Shame really..
I loved seeing everyone's projects... And wow! Jo your amazing at putting it all together, your stitching projects are totally awesome too.
I would love to see this blog carry on and if so I promise to contribute more :)
Thank you for an amazing blog and everyone's contribution as it's everyone's imput that makes it brilliant :)
Smiles :)

Stitching Noni said...

I love your halloween display :)
I absolutely would love to have the blog continue next year... And I will endeavour to keep up!!

As for themes... I love the idea of the cats, witches, pumpkins, ghosts.... I did struggle with monsters though as I don't have a large enough stash of halloween designs yet!!!

It would be nice to maybe feature a particular designer one month as something different as well.

Will try and think of some more ideas over the next few weeks :)

Thank you for wanting to continue with this wonderful blog :)
Hugs xx

Rita said...

I'm "in"! :-)

Lili said...

Lovely display, Jo!

Yes, please continue with the blog.
How about not to make ornaments with themes ... just post a Halloween ornament per month ...


sylerkal said...

Hi from France !! I love so much what you are doing !! and if possible, i wanted to join you for 2015 !!!!

Unknown said...

I would love to do this in 2015 since I didn't know about the SAL in 2014.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sylerkal and Judy, you are both "no reply" commenters, so please can you email me so I can send you an invitation to join the blog.

Ranae said...

I'm in.... Please continue it

Gwen said...

Love your display Jo. Would like to continue next year. I have a lot of other designs I would like to stitch.

LKICT said...

I would like to join if you continue. Love making ornaments but also like the idea of posting whatever piece someone is working on. Getting encouragement from the group helps with progress ;-D

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jo, I would love it to continue although I have not posted as often as I would like. I actually like the themes as they often make me search for a good design to fit it. The themes we had this year worked well, I thought.