Sunday, 7 September 2014

L is for Lightning Bird, Lantern and Leaves

L is for Lightning Bird from A Dark Alphabet designed by Julie and Becky's Note of Friendship blog.

A mythological creature in South Africa the Lightning Bird is the size of a human, black and white in colouring and it summons thunder and lightning with its wings and talons.  It is associated with witchcraft and has quite an appetite for blood.  Sometimes it takes on the image of a young man to seduce women. 

Another name for this bird is the hamerkop.  This bird is known to decorate its nest with anything from handkerchiefs to bicycle tires!  In the Zulu culture someone who spends much time in front of a mirror is called thekwane, their name for the hamerkop, because they are like the bird that is found to spend hours beside the water's edge looking at their reflection. 

I couldn't find any other cross stitch designs of a lightning bird but I did find these sweet little buttons which are available in a book:

L is also for Lantern which we make from pumpkins on Hallowe'en.  We had some of these designs for J for Jack O'Lantern and here are some more!

(laughing being another L word)

I've been using one particular sampler to help me find the words for this alphabet, the Lizzie*Kate Hallowe'en ABC

And now I have another one!

I'm taking the final L for Lizzie*Kate's ABC which gives us Leaf.  Of course leaves are more of an Autumn thing than specific to Hallowe'en but they do make lovely cross stitches.

(one of a series of four)


cucki said...

Beautiful xx

Lili said...

Wonderful post Jo!
How funny the Halloween Sampler!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching

Marcy said...

Never heard of that monster bird before. It's funny that all cultures have monsters. I love that Halloween Sampler. Another for my list. Sigh ... I'm going to have to become a vampire or a zombie to have enough time to stitch everything on my list.

Stitching Noni said...

Love the Lizzie Kate Sampler... it is on my to-stitch list! But suspect it won't ever get stitched as that list is way too long!
Great post :o)
Hugs xx