Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Challenge!

Welcome my fiends to the 2014 Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog.

I have chosen the themes for this year with the help of your suggestions and my 11 year old son who is a big fan of Hallowe'en.  I hope you like them.

We will start the year with a free choice, I thought this was only fair with the late start!  Maybe there was a design you were planning to stitch last year but didn't get round to it?  Maybe you have a WIP you'd like to finish now Christmas is out of the way?

Please post your ideas and starts now then a photo of your finished piece by the end of the month.  Or the beginning of next month!  To join the blog you will need to contact me with your email addess, mine is on the right hand sidebar.

I'm planning a page of links to freebie charts to help those of us who are taking part in "Stitch from Stash" this year so feel free to send me any links you have.  Please note they must be genuine freebies not Pinterest copies.


all from Hyraea


Lili said...

Thanks, Jo!!
I like the ornament themes!
Love the idea of the free pattern in June!!

I will try to make my stitching plans for the Halloween Ornament SAL today.
Hope to post soon the January pick up.


Stitching Noni said...

Thanks Jo, looking forward to picking out my choices over the next couple days! Love Halloween designs but haven't stitched many so this will be a way for me to get some stitched at long last!!

Anonymous said...

this will be so much fun! I'll try and make it every month, I definitely need more Halloween ornies!!
thank you again for taking the time to set up these fun things for us, Jo, and thanks to the kid for the monthly inspirations!
lots of hugs and happy xxx,

Marcy said...

Great themes! I need to get picking my patterns ....

Unknown said...

Hey Jo,
I've tried emailing you for an invitation to this SAL, please email me,