Friday, 11 September 2015

Jo's September Ornament

Like Rita I wasn't sure I would easily be able to find something for this month's theme but as I looked through my issues of JCS I realised there were loads of designs I liked!  Which is probably why I chose this as one of the themes in the first place.

I found a nice design which said Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble which reminded me of another chart I owned.  When I found that one it was too large for an ornie but in with it was this one which was the perfect size stitched over one.  I do love my over one stitching.

This is the debut design from 2009 by Tammy who has a blog called Witchy Stitches.  It's not easy to see if she has many other designs because there's no page for her own stuff.  But there is a sweet Wynter Witch.

Anyway, I stitched this one using the recommended DMC conversion except for the lettering and mug which I subbed 3799 for plain black.  I thought it was closer to the Gentle Art thread the model stitcher used.  Because I stitched the design over one I was able to cheat on the border and stitch it over two which saved so much time hahaha.  I also added some little starry stitches around the word "hex" just because I wanted to.

I'm not sure whether to scrapbook this with the others or frame it and put it next to the kettle to drop a hint to my family!


Advance notice of a giveaway.  Kaye has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway next month.  There will be a number of ways to enter, one of which will involve making a post for your October themed ornie.  So make sure you have one!  The theme is Ghosts, most suitable for Hallowe'en month.


Heather said...

I love this one I like your sparklies too

Rita said...

I love it! Also...I don't particularly enjoy stitching over one with my old eyes but I sure love the "look".

cheryl said...

Love this one! This is how I feel about my morning coffee.

Stitching Noni said...

Jo, I absolutely love your spooky words! Just perfect for placing by the kettle as a very subtle reminder to the family!!
Love the little additional stars - they do add a little something to the finish :o)
Hugs xx

Tammy said...

How sweet! Your finish looks fabulous and I love the little stars around the wording! Great job--and thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate that!